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Function: Budget Divison

Estimates And Control


  1. To examine and process the operational budget requirements of all ministries, departments, and state agencies.
  2. To prepare drafts of the State Budget Speech and the Cabinet Paper on the yearly State Budget.
  3. To evaluate and process issuance of warrants for state post. 
  4. To check and control trust accounts. 
  5. To monitor financial reports on Financial and Account Management.


  1. To prepare the annual budget for the State and Federal Loan Funds and evaluate applications of loan conversion into equity or grant.
  2. To collect and coordinate financial reports (on wastages and abuses) from the State Auditor for ministries, departments, and statutory bodies. 
  3. To ascertain and to carry out an inventory of post in all ministries and departments and to improve their financial management system. 
  4. To manage and ensure the utilization of public funds for  Non Goverment Organization (NGO) and Non Islamic Religious Organization (NIRO) programmes, as well as public and private schools.
  5. To coordinate and manage all information concerning the budget for the purpose of:
  • Coordinating the formulation of policies on expenditures, budgetary matters, and analysing fund flows for the public sector.
  • Developing and coordinating a database for the purpose of financial policies and expenditure analysis.
  • Evaluating and managing other relevant matters. 


  1. To analyse and evaluate cost estimates of development projects and provide optimal financial requirements for state development programmes. 
  2. To coordinate and monitor the implementation of state development projects.
  3. To determine the optimal use of development funds.
  4. To prepare the state annual development budget book and the state budget speech. 
  5. To consider and process supplementary applications development funds, including virement.
  6. To monitor, update, and evaluate the effectiveness of various sectors of the economy.
  7. To examine, check, and process loan applications from government agencies.
  8. To process and manage federal loans for state development projects.
  9. To compile data and information on loans for repayment scheduling.
  10. To recommend appropriate lending policies to be enacted, and loans to be written off for  government decisions.

Project Monitoring

  1. To safeguard state interests through the fulfillment of our obligations as stipulated under Concession Agreements I and II, involving the upgrading and maintenance of roads under the control and jurisdiction of city hall, municipalities and district councils of the state.
  2. To ensure compliance with all the requirements and specifications of contract agreements on grading works as well as contractual works on annual road maintenance for both qualified Roads and non-­qualified roads which have been upgraded under the control of the Kota Kinabalu City Hall  (DBKK), municipalities, and all state district councils, whether or not they are implemented by the concessionaire or the state government. 
  3. To coordinate and monitor, at random, work activities which have been or are presently implemented on each work contracted under concession agreements I and II.
  4. To update the data on unregistered state roads in the MARRIS System. The purpose of which is to submit the actual amount the state is entitled to claim under this grant.