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Background: Administration and Account Management

Administration and Account Management Division consist of four main Units:

  1. General Administration Unit 
  2. Accounts Unit
  3. Human Resource Development Unit
  4. Maintenance Unit

General Administration Unit:

The General Administration Unit was placed under the supervision of the Under Secretary who is assisted by the Principal Assistant Secretary, the Assistant Administrative Officer (Personnel), the Senior Administrative Assistant and four of the Filing Clerks along with two Despatch Clerks.

In the area of staffing, the Unit is responsible for:

  1. Promotions
  2. Filling vacancies
  3. Acting
  4. ‘Charge’ Work
  5. Granting of pension status and the Employees Provident Fund
  6. Reconciliation of Records SM2 and the Book of Services
  7. Organization Chart
  8. Staff Information and Listing
  9. Secretariat for the Promotion Committee
  10. Secretariat of the Disciplinary Committee

The Unit is also responsible for the records (both open and confidential), stationary procurement, and the delivery of letters.

Accounts Unit:

The Accounts Unit is one of the main units under the Administration and Account Management Division and was created since its establishment. This unit is responsible for all matters relating to the payment of salaries of the State Ministry of Finance’s employees and other expenses. In addition, the unit is also responsible for the centralized votes under the Ministry and the expenditures under the Treasury General Services.


The Unit of Accounts is headed by Financial Officer W41 and is divided into two sub­units: the Payroll and Trust Account & General Payment. Each sub­unit is headed by a Senior Accountant Assistant W32 and Accountant Assistant W27 respectively, and they are assisted by seven Administrative Assistants (Finance) W22.  

Human Resources Development Unit:

The Human Resources Development Unit is one of four major units in the Division of Administration and Accounts Management. The unit was established on July 1, 1998 following the restructuring of the Ministry of Finance Organization. This unit was originally known as the Training & Quality Management Unit. Following the organizational restructuring of the Division of Administration and Accounts Management, the unit expanded its function to include two other units: the Resource Development and Information Unit and the Training & Quality Management Unit. The unit changed its title to the Human Resources Development Unit beginning October 1, 2007. 

This unit is headed by an Administrative Officer N41, and is divided into three sub­units: Training, Quality Management and Human Resources Development. Each sub­unit is handled by a Senior Assistant Administrative Officer N32, an Assistant Administrative Officer N27, an Assistant Librarian S27, and is assisted by nine Administrative Assistants. 

Maintenance Unit:

The Maintenance Unit is headed by an Administrative Officer N41, and is assisted by an Administrative Assistant (Officer Superintendent) N22 and 17 General Workers

The functions of this Unit are as follows: 

  • To supervise and oversee the proper maintenance of all office equipment and buildings, such as:
  1. Smartcards
  2. Air conditioners
  3. Fire extinguishers
  4. Electricity
  5. Water supply
  6. Photocopier
  7. Telephone & PABX
  8. Lighting, etc.
  • To ensure that the assets and inventories are properly recorded in KEW.312,313, and 314, and then stored properly.
  • To ensure that the main office door is locked at 5:30pm and open at 6:00am on work days.
  • To ensure the cleanliness of offices, toilets, and surrounding areas of Wisma Kewangan.
  • To make reports for any damages to be repaired and to provide recommendations for improvements to the Management.
  • To get daily reports from the Chief Security Officer of Wisma Kewangan and to act accordingly where necessary. 
  • To monitor the usage of meeting rooms.