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Function: Administration and Account Management

The functions of the Administration and Account Management Division are:

  1. To manage personnel (Personal management).
  2. To manage account administration.
  3. To manage human resources development.
  4. To manage and monitor quality improvement and productivity.
  5. To manage the housing loan applications for state civil servants, members of the administration and members of the Legislative Assembly.
  6. To manage the payment of approved medical treatment for state civil servants.
  7. To manage and to approve the computer loans for the state civil service.
  8. To manage and to approve personal advance applications for the state civil service.
  9. To manage and monitor the cleanliness and safety of Wisma Kewangan and the surrounding areas.
  10. To manage and coordinate vehicle mileage and the personnel of the Ministry of Finance.
  11. To respond to and monitor the implementation of audit comments.
  12. To manage staff discipline and disciplinary actions for the Ministry of Finance’s personnel.
  13. To manage any cases where a state government’s vehicle has been involved in an accident.
  14. To manage the application for the write­off of uncollected government vehicle loans.
  15. To coordinate answers to questions raised during the State Legislative Assembly, or as a Secretariat to the State Legislative Assembly Conferences.
  16. To conduct official state celebrations for the Ministration of Finance.
  17. To manage the rental of buildings and office spaces for state ministries and departments as well as state agencies. 
  18. To manage the placement of practicum and industrial training students from public and private institutions.
  19. To organise meetings of heads of divisions and the Ministry's Joint-Departmental Council.
  20. To manage the payment of outstanding bills for Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd and Telekom Malaysia. 
  21. To act as the Secretariat of the State Management Integrity Committee.